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Quilting was first introduced to the Islanders of the Hawaiian Islands by missionaries in 1820.Then, the Hawaiians were being taught methods of piecing scraps of fabric to make a large quilt. Also, they learned "snowflake" paper cutting.But, because they had no bags of scrap fabrics, they began to create designs on larger pieces of fabric, using their environment: trees and flowers, for inspiration.

As time went on, though the missionaries taught geometric quilting techniques, the echo style became the more popular method and soon became the traditional Hawaiian quilting style.This method was more compatible with the "snowflake" design applique used in a Hawaiian quilt.

Kathy Tsark President Kwilts n Koa Hawaiian Quilts and GiftsIn the past, Hawaiian quilts have been connected with many taboos.This resulted in many old quilts being destroyed and patterns strictly guarded. Today, these designs are being shared with the rest of the world by lovers of Hawaiian quilting who wish to see this unique art form survive and prosper. Kwilts 'N Koa is proud to be part of this Renaissance.

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